Pruning Trees & Shrubs

02/02/2021 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM CST




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  • $10.00  -  Non-Member


Learn when & how to prune your trees & shrubs.


Instructor: Faith Appelquist, Tree Quality


In the first half of this class, learn why we prune trees, how to make proper cuts, and when to do it. Learn how to avoid pruning mistakes and their consequences, and understand the plant response to pruning. We will be highlighting common tree species and their forms.

In the second half of the class, we will take the guesswork out of pruning overgrown and over-planted shrubs. Information will cover the biology behind pruning and common pruning mistakes. We will discuss the best tools to use and when to prune for an optimal flower show and rejuvenation. We will also cover how to prune evergreens.


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